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Chris Christie must win at any cost.


Chris Christie selling his soul to the devil

Chris Christie greeting Obama at an airport tarmac in NJ 2012.

  Chris Christie wants to win at any cost.  Mr. Christie, if you sell your soul to the devil what have you really won?

Now you demand that the rest of us make the same deal?

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”  – Saul Alinsky

Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio are delusional and they want to take us over the cliff with them.

First, they get into bed with the “Gang of “8” whose members have the likes of Schumer and McCain; in other words, a big Government Fascist and an establishment Republican loser, apologist and renowned idiot of the left.

Second, they accept backing from the likes of Zuckerberg, a leftist billionaire, who is solid proof that an Ivy League education makes you rich but certainly makes you a moron too. What is it with these people that make it rich in America then back people that only hate America and make sure the rest of us remain poor? To add insult to injury they run ads all over the country falsely claiming to be some Conservative organization.

That these two guys have succumbed to this delusion is unfortunate for the future of a Conservative movement and its ability to save our country because it shows how easy it is for some on our side to fall prey to inside Washington politics. I really don’t know if it is the immense desire to be loved by the inside Washington press and establishment or if Republicans still have the false hope that they can compromise with Democrats to fashion any real “pro” American policy. Unlike most establishment Republicans most of us out here in the real have come to the realization that we cannot negotiate with the scumbags on the left. We know they lie and will do everything and anything to defeat us with the ultimate aim to neuter all opposition.

I really don’t know why it is so hard for these two guys to see that if they ever pass this monstrous amnesty bill it will surely be the end of the GOP. Even if Ryan and Rubio manage to negotiate for stronger border security, delayed path to citizenship, disallowing the newly documented access to Federal aid, or whatever other measures they claim to stand for in their ads the very next day after the bill is signed Democrats of all stripes will be in the courts overturning all the aspects of the bill they don’t like. What will remain will be 11 million newly registered Democrats collecting Federal aid. There are so many leftist Federal Judges out there aching for just such an opportunity!! Even if that doesn’t happen we all know that the left will not stand still or be happy until they get to their step accomplished which is 11 million new Democrats.

As many Conservatives have become accustomed to, Marco Rubio stabbed us in the back today. Marco Rubio goes on Spanish TV and tells them something almost directly opposite what he tells us when he gives interviews in English. On Univision he tells their audience that legalization will definitely come first then border security will likely follow. He agrees with the interviewer that border security is already strong in many sectors of the border. Then he did not disagree with the interviewer that He is the only one that can save the GOP from itself.

We have a term for that in English; “lying sack of shit” or if you prefer it Spanish “mentiroso de mierda”.

What G.O.P means to me. G.O. Pussies. A party paralyzed by fear.

A party that finds it easier to criticize its own candidate then to criticize any of the most foolish or dangerous policies put forth by the Obama-bin-biden administration.

How can anyone ever accuse the G.O.P. of conducting a war against women when the party is full of so many pussies? I never saw grandmotherly Nancy Pelosi cry, but; a day never goes by that we do not witness that pussy Boehner cry about something. He cries when Romney finally gets his nerve up to call out our idiot embassy for making stupid idiotic statements thus giving the monkey-see monkey-do media another weapon against his own candidate. What the fuck Boehner, or is it Boner? Keep your trap shut and stop the crying for God’s sake.

Then, where the hell is the “Maverick”? When George Bush was in the White House there was not a day that went by that we did not see the “Maverick” on some TV show lambasting George Bush, or the GOP, about something. Today the “Maverick” is nowhere to be found. McCain, Vietnam hero status aside today is a GO Pussy. From McCain the fearless to McCain the pussy in four short years.

Then, let’s not forget the biggest G.O. Pussy of all time; that most dishonorable Supreme Judge John Roberts. He was so afraid of the media tongue lashing he was going to get for voting against Obamacare that he was willing to enslave us all for eternity. To the Dishonorable John Roberts I give the first annual GO Pussy award! Congratulation Chief Justice John Roberts for winning the first G.O. Pussy award.

Me, I’m also paralyzed by fear seeing our beloved country quickly going “Forward” over the abyss while the G.O. Pussies sit quietly by stabbing each other in the back.

Open letter to Chief Justice Roberts.

Dear Chief Justice,

I really don’t know what motivated you to decide Obamacare the way you did. But, whatever motivated you to screw the country this badly your lame reasoning below does not even close close to justifying it.

“Members of this Court are vested with the authority to interpret the law; we possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

Chief Justice Roberts, June 28, 2012

Here are some of the reasoning I have heard for why you did this to us:

You did it to cement your place in history. Is this meant to be your legacy? If it is then what a sorry legacy it will be. Why would anyone want to be cemented to the policy that finally destroyed America and enslaved its People.

I have also heard that someone got to you. Some Democrat Senator took you aside? Was it when Obama gave you flack at the State of the Union? Was the media annal exam you expected to get if you voted against the Emperor? Whatever reason they all add up to “WIMP OUT”.

Was it as you said above that it was not your job to save us from ourselves? We never asked you to do that we just asked for you to uphold the Constitution. “WIMP”. You took a vow to defend and protect not to destroy and burn the Constitution.

If you did it to get the Court out of the political realm and not create policy. Well, I’m so sorry but not only did you create policy, but; you also created new Constitutional precedence. From now on you have given the Federal Government almost unlimited unchecked power over us.

Maybe you took to heart Obama’s “evolution” and you yourself have “evolved”. Will you evolve yourself into a Leftist loved by the enemies of this country.

Well, I hope you can sleep at night. The rest of us now have a much higher hill to climb to fix this mess and dig us out of the deep shit you put us all into.

Justice Roberts let me see if I really understand your so-called “reasoning”. Congress cannot use the Commerce Clause to tell us to eat shit, but; if we do not eat the shit that Congress tell us to eat they can then tax us and if we do not pay the tax they can jail us.

Did I get that right? Let us all just go eat shit for our own good!

Justice Roberts will you care to join me for a nice dish?

June 28, 2012… the day the USA died and we are no longer a free people unless we take it back from those that want to enslave us all. Impeach Chief Justice Roberts!!!

Chief Justice Roberts is a BIG WIMP a BIG BUFFOON. “It is not my job to protect you from your stupid political decisions” he says… Well, Judge Roberts we did not ask you to protect us from our stupidity, we asked you to uphold the Constitution!!! He talks like he is above it all and that we peons deserve whatever we get. Impeach Chief Justice Roberts!!!

From today onwards all that any Dictatorial President and Congress has to do is get together in a smoke filled room and pass any law to make us do anything as long as they call it a tax.

The precedence has been set. It will never be good enough to elect good people today because tomorrow there will always be that forked-tongue politician, like Obama, that will be willing to take full advantage of this decision again and again and again. They count on their ability to wear us down. How long can we keep up the fervor to defend our freedom by electing the right people?

We will not only have to repeal Obamacare, we will also have to “fundamentally” get our freedoms back and reign in both the Feds and the courts.

For the first time in my life I am not proud of my country. I really feel like our Government is not looking out for me and that our politicians care more about their own power and screwing us all.

Amazing polls.

Polls.  Many say that liars lie and that the truly gifted liars use polls.  That is why I find myself in a bit of a quandary.    Lately I have seen so many polls that seem to be saying what I both feel and think about what’s going on.

For instance, polls say that up to 25% of Americans think that Obama is a closet Muslim.  Hell, I too think that Obama is a closet Muslim.

But, what amazes me even more is how far off the mark these polls are.    After all did not Obama himself talk about his “Muslim faith” to George Stephanopoulos on ABC news?  I know, you’ll say it was a Freudian slip.  But, aren’t those meant to reveal what we try to hide from others?  Did not Obama proclaim to the Egyptians that he was Muslim on a trip to Egypt?  I could go on and on with examples.  But, then, why is it only 25% of Americans think he is Muslim?

Polls of every sort now claim that 67% Americans think the country is going the wrong way.  Hell, I think the country is definitely going the wrong way.

This week the US Census release figures that the US poverty rates is hitting record numbers.

With results like this how can only 67% of Americans believe that America is going in the wrong direction?

Polls of every sort say that most Americans hate Obamacare.  53% of Americans even want to repeal it.  Hell, I hate Obamacare.

Do you hear any Democrat running for election lauding the benefits of Obamacare?  Didn’t Obama himself finally admit that Obamacare will not bring down costs?  Isn’t Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of HEW, out there threatening any insurance company that reveals their rates are being increased because of Obamacare?   As more bad news keeps coming out about the coming catastrophe that is Obamacare how could it only be 53% of Americans that favor its repeal?

Polls of every sort are now telling me that most Americans think Obama is doing a poor job.  His popularity poll is down to 41%.  Hell, I think he is doing about as good of a job a self-proclaimed America hating, Communist thug loving; pseudo-intellectual could be doing… lousy at best.

But what amazes me is that his popularity is still as high as 41%!!!!  To what possible reason can we attribute this?  I think it is a combination of a few things like our poor educational system, record numbers of Americans dependent on a government handout, and most definitely to the type of propaganda style news coverage he gets.

There’s no doubt in my mind that if Obama and the Democrats got fair and balanced news coverage his polls would be around 20% to 25%; Only the hard-core left supporting him and his party.  If the Democrats ever got Bush style news coverage I think even some hard-core lefties would finally see the light.

Castro says Cuban model doesn’t work.

First it was the Soviets who, after 70 years, figured it out.

Then the Chinese, after 50 years, figured it out.

Now even Castro, after 50 years, has figured it.

About 90% of all Cubans work for the government and the average monthly wages are about $20.00 per month. Of-course, party members live the life of luxury in Western standard style.

When is Obama and the Democrats going to figure it out?

When I asked a Friend, who happens to be an Obama brainwashed supporter, this question his answer to me was…

”Only when Obama is in power for 50 years!!!!!”

One can just imagine an Obama soak the rich campaign, if elections still exist, 50 years from today…

Obama- “My fellow comrade Amerikans, I believe that the rich should pay their fair share. I pledge today that only the rich or those earning more than $25.00 per month will have to pay higher taxes.”

Has BP conspired with Obama to destroy the oil industry?

How about this for a conspiracy theory!!!

Let us think back to the history of the BP riggate disaster.

First, this type of accident has not happened within US waters for over 60 years. Why now?

Second, BP and its chairman Peter Sutherland and its chief executive Tony Hayward have been committed to be the “environmentally friendly” oil company. Whatever that means. They have promoted themselves that way for a long time. Have they changed their attitudes about oil?

Third, BP gave the Obama campaign $1,000,000.00 or more. Why and what has it bought?

Fourth, The first action taken by the Obama administration after the disaster was to send a team of jack-booted special forces… Strange to say the least. To hide evidence perhaps?

Fifth, the Obama administration then decides to sit back and let the disaster get out of control for weeks content to let BP flounder in the wind on its way to bankruptcy. Obama yawns at the prospect of destroying another company. His sooooo coooooool.

Sixth, the Obamanites make sure not to let this disaster go to waste and use it as an excuse to start a drilling moratorium and thereby shutting down and entire industry and putting thousands out of work. What are a few more thousand when we already have millions out of work?

Seventh, the moratorium pleases all the environmental extremists while at the same time sending them red meat to placate them for letting the disaster get this bad. van’t have his friends mad at him can we now?

Eighth, Obama purposely avoids meeting with anyone from BP so as not to give the appearance of collusion or mutual culpability. One never knows who is listening.

Ninth, who do lefties send to solve any problem? Lawyers!!! I would like to see Eric Holder bend over and pick up oil blobs, wouldn’t you?

Tenth, why have both BP and Obama refused all kinds of help from all over the world. They have refused booms, skimmers, ideas, etc etc, all out of hand without even trying to see if any would help. Help??? We’re BIG government we never need help from you peons!!! Just keep sending us your tax payments.

One very possible conclusion I can come up with from all these seemingly unrelated scenarios is that BP is committing suicide for the sake of its commitment to the Obama administration’s environmental policy which is to kill the oil industry in Amerika and its long-time friend the U.K. Hell, this way Obama and the environmental extremists kill 3 birds (oil, Amerika, and the UK) with just one stone. All 3 hated by Obamanites and leftist world-over.

Sounds far-fetched? After 2 years of seeing the Obamanites in action this sounds a million times more credible than all the crazy theories I’ve ever heard the America hating lefties promulgate about Bush.

From day one, Obama hated the environment and white people.

It took the press, and all loud mouthed Democrats, only 2 1/2 days of paralysis by George Bush to have enough evidence to declare that he hated black people.  it quickly became the de-facto story line.  George Bush did not come to save New Orleans on day one so it must be that he hated black people.  We heard that same story line ad-infinitum and we still hear it today.  Or, at least until the day the BP rig blew up.

It did not matter to the media, or most Libs, that the Feds were warning about Katrina’s potential to cause a disaster for days prior to its land fall.  It did not matter to most Libs, or the Lapdog media, that Bush required Blanco’s, the Governor of Louisiana, permission before he could send in the National Guard.  That has been federal law since after the Civil War under the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.    To Libs “who cares”.  Bush hated Blacks.

It also did not matter that George Bush sacked the person most responsible for any delay or incompetence on Katrina.  It did not matter to the Lapdogs that Bush visited New Orleans at least 7 times in the first 30 days of the disaster.  It did not matter that Bush and the US military saved over 30,000 lives.

It did not matter that it was the incompetent Mayor of New Orleans and the completely incompetent Governor that screwed up the evacuation of New Orleans and every other part of the hurricane disaster plan that was never followed.

Now lets move on a few years to the present Obama administration and its response to current disasters.

Have you even heard there was a catastrophic 500 year flood in Kentucky and Tennessee?  The lapdog media has totally ignored it and Obama has not mentioned it even once.  The lapdog media has tried to rationalize their omission.  Bottom line, Nashville is full of white people that cling to their guns and religion in fly-over country, so who cares.  Who cares that it cost billions and many white lives?!?!

Now comes BP rig-gate and the first chink in Obama’s armor.  Obama’s total lack of interest in one of Liberalism sacred cow is causing a deep rift even among Obama’s most devoted sycophants, like Chris Matthew.  The lapdog media cannot understand how their favorite son “the Messiah” could be so cavalier and uncaring about the environment?  How did it get this bad for the Libs and their lapdogs?

Easy!!!  Take a massive oil spill into pristine waters and marshes, add 10 days of complete inaction by Obama, add another month of  good-for-nothing finger-pointing and what do you get?  A lapdog media that finally begins to see Obama as we have seen him from “day one,’  an incompetent rabble rousing community organizer.

The Felon Caucus and the culture of corruption.

It appears that being a felon and being a Democrat in the age of Obama go hand-in-hand and it is no big deal to boot.    The list of prominent Democrats that are either felons or get away with felonies is so long and so acceptable that even some Conservative pundits yawn at the idea of pursuing Democrats for any new perceived felonies.  Just take a look at the response by both Charles Krauthammer and George Will to the on-air allegation made by Joe Sestak, of Pennsylvania, of being offered a high-power job by the White House if he drops out of the Senate race.  The dummy Sestak, a retired Navy Admiral, apparently was not aware that he was describing a felony.

Unfortunately for Obama, this does not appear to be a segregated case.  The Romanoff case in Colorado, that is just simmering below the surface,  suggests a very real trend in this White House.

But, this week the plot thickens.  Looking like the Sestak fiasco was getting out of hand for the administration Obama calls to the White House the biggest felon-wanna-be since Richard Nixon.  The only President ever found guilty of perjury while in office, Bubba Bill Clinton!!!

So, far it looks like all the parties involved have their stories straight.  Lets see how it was supposed to have happened.  Someone in the White House happens to mention to Bubba “Gee, Bubba.  We promised that loser Arlen Specter that we would have his back for his Senate seat and now here comes this guy Sestak to ruin everything”.  Then Bubba takes it upon himself to go talk to Sestak and decides to offer him some non-sense unpaid job in exchange for a Senate seat.  C’mon????  In the words of another Clinton “this defies credibility!!”

Cover up anyone???

There is one major problem for Obama.  Bubba has, in more than one occasion vowed to get even with Obama for the way he treated his lovely wife during the 2008 election.  How does that old saying go, oh yeah “there’s no honor among thieves.”  Obama, and they tell you are are so damned smart.  How come then you volunteered  your balls to the Clintons?  Obama watch your back!!!